Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not my usual content... but very, very important!

I am not a particularly politically minded person and sometimes I feel a little guilty about that.  However, when I find a topic (typically animal rights related) that so moves me, I am willing to take a stand.  I hope the data in this post doesn't offend anyone who might be reading, but I am OK with it if it does.

Freedom of the Internet is at stake.  ACTA is a pending law which (like many) appears to make sense on the perimeter, but when you get to the middle, is very scary.  Please take a moment and watch the 2 videos above to learn more about this.  It is something that will threaten anything from generic drugs to using content others have made freely available, to the extent that you could be banned from the internet.  I know... it sounds so "sci-fi," doesn't it?  It looks like it has already passed in the US and is now in several European committees.  Someone smarter than me might understand this better. 

Here is a site you can go to and sign a petition in protest.

A couple of years ago, I started a blog about dating and attempted to use Adwords.  Well I must have done something wrong, because Google banned me.  I could never find out what I did or how to fix it or reach anyone to get any information.  This is so much worse.

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