Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Online Shopping Heros and Villians

Greetings crafters and artists,

I wanted to comment about a few online stores I have shopped at least a couple of times and let you know my experiences  One is favorable and one is a warning.

The good news: is amazing.  Their website is very friendly, they have a huge selection of product, they communicate every step of the way if you place an order with friendly and timely emails.  AND! if a product is not available at the time of your order or they can ship for less than they charged you, they process an almost immediate refund to your method of payment.  The product is as represented or better on their site.  It is such a pleasure to buy from them! is another hero.  Tracey is a doll to do business with and their products are amazing.  Their sprays are similar to Glimmer Mists but the cool thing is she ships the product without the water, so it is less of an impact to the environment, lighter, therefore less expensive to ship.  You just add warm water when you receive it.  I'll post some pics of some of the stuff I've done with these soon, but there are tons of videos on  I highly recommend their stuff!

Now for the warning (the bad and the ugly):  Stay far away from!  I have ordered from this place twice and had bad experiences both times.  Had I recalled my original experience I wouldn't be going through the hassle I am with a recent order I placed.

I ordered via because they had the best price on Time Holtz' Distress Stains.  I ordered the whole set as well as some Color Wash and Tissue Tape.  My bad, I didn't pay attention to the shipping cost when accepting the order - I will never miss that again!  The order was about $60 and shipping was $66.48!  When I saw the charge in my bank account, I emailed the seller asking if there was some mistake.  She blamed it on the Amazon process and said she could refund $42.  I declined as that would still make shipping over $20 for a 5 lb or less order.  She told me she would cancel my order. 

She seemed nice enough and I believed her, so I placed the order on her individual website, prices were a bit higher, but still very reasonable.  She didn't cancel my first order and I received both orders on the same day.

I have asked her to send me a return label and credit my order the $122, but she has refused.  Her answer is for me to return the 2nd order (at my expense, making shipping on that order alone over $20) and I should just be happy paying $22 to ship the first order (she credited me $40 of the $66.48).  That makes my net shipping cost for a $60 order around $42!  That'll teach me not to shop at my local stamp store!

I have filed a claim with Amazon and my bank and will keep you posted.

Let me know about some of your good and bad online shopping experiences!

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